We emphasize productivity.

We brighten everything that is produced from the first moment it is designed. We know how important it is to be able to be focused and feel good in the workplace, especially during the most delicate phases of production.

The right light is provided for every step of the production process, boosting attention through the visual well-being of workers, thus increasing productivity effectively.

Lighting Technologies for Industry

Flowlux develops, experiments, adapts every single fixture to the needs of offices, warehouses, sheds, industries and all those realities that need to realize the best of their product or service

Specialized lighting designers for production

Advanced know-how from Italian design

Flowlux’s team of Lighting Designers embody the ideal design skills and engineering expertise to curate any company’s lighting layout throughout the supply chain.

Flowlux brightens your company energy


We illuminate your productivity

Flowlux offers the industry high-tech stylish products with top resistance for aggressive environments and high temperatures. Thanks to the use of high quality materials our lamps can withstand intense vibrations while keeping their body intact and always providing continuous and…


Our light and work steps

Starting from the design drawing, Flowlux listens to customers and translates their needs into technologically advanced products, designed with DIALux professional software. Only the best to guarantee the highest energy efficiency on the market.


Lumin creativity and engineering

Flowlux intelligent systems have a lower light dispersion and are able to balance the light output according to the natural light of the environment, are technologically developed and well designed, to extreme perfection. In addition, they are open to a…


Advanced DIALux design

Since the design, Flowlux listens to the customer and interprets his needs in technologically advanced products through its lighting studies. Only the best to guarantee the highest energy efficiency on the market.


HCL – Human Centric Lighting

Light serves to see better, of that there is little doubt. But lighting also affects people, as Human Centric Lighting says.   For years, artificial light was only seen as a means of illuminating the environment, but things are changing…


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